Two worlds colliding…..

I took this pic at Avon Old Farm School, a private, all boy school, located in Avon, Connecticut.  Avon has been a regular gig for me since the Fall of 2015. They’ve hired me for school plays, concerts, rafting trips, alumni events – you name it.  For this particular photograph, they allowed me access to the stage at a Fall concert.  I love how the spot lights are accentuated, and their backlighting effect on the guitarist.  I’m able to get shots like this because they “trust” what I do best……. take photographs.

How did they learn to trust me?  The answer is….John Laperch.  I know you’re wondering “who the hell is John Laperch?!”(Actually, John asked me the same question last week, lol.).  I knew John back in HS.  He was funny and smart, and besties with one of my football teammates (and friend) , Russell Girolamo.  I hadn’t seen John in over 25 years.  We recently became friends on FB.  We chatted from time to time, mostly about photography.  As a fan of my work, John was gracious enough to refer me to his Avon posse to do some photography for them.

Roughly a dozen  jobs later, Avon has me as there “go to” photographer. More importantly, John and I have established a bond as two creative spirits who love to create, work independently, and serve others.  We feed off each other’s energies, and challenge each other to become more.   John is now my web developer and my “go to” guy for computer issues.  Here’s to friendship JL!